Monday, March 22, 2021 - Theme Shows

I thought I’d write on what doing musical themes has meant to me over these past few months. I started doing these theme shows as a way to introduce some variety and fun into the weeks as COVID stretched on. It gave me and my audience something to look forward to each week, and it gave me an opportunity to dive into some of the musical groupings I’ve always had. I cross-catalog all my music on the laptop I use for a songbook in many ways from genre to era to writer to general and specific themes. This allows me to do a theme at the drop of a hat, which I have always done for my senior facilities. I ask them where they want to go at the beginning of a show, and then I pick songs to fit the theme for the hour. I’ve done shows for holidays and events the same way over the years. It’s fun and it lets me tailor a show to fit almost any audience. But for the theme shows I’ve been doing online during COVID I’ve carried this to new levels. I do an intense study of each theme for at least two days - listening and learning and polishing and finding facts for each song as well as the general theme. It lets me see into a whole world in a way that is so enlightening. I get to be on the train with the person feeling the rhythm of the swaying train and smelling the cinders. I can be on a stage with a group of performers who have a camaraderie that is felt in the music with intensity. It lets me visit a place or a writer’s life in a way that helps me understand and relate to the music in new ways. It’s a privilege, and I have so enjoyed doing it. So this Thursday is Motown music of the 1960s, and all that wonderful beat and excitement will be thrilling! 

What have I been up to? 

I had one online senior show and one outdoors which was great! The weather actually cooperated very nicely.  

My Thursday show doing music of the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots on the old archtop guitar was so much fun. The group remembered more songs than they thought they would, and the old guitar really rang out. I feel inspired to do another oldies show of some sort again very soon. 

My Sunday show of favorites was a blast too - going far afield to some really sweet and crazy tunes. We have such a wonderful group of folks who have embraced each other and my music in such a meaningful way. It’s just what we need. 


What am I up to this week? 

I only have one senior show this week, and it will probably have to be online since we have another storm moving through this week.  

My Thursday show 7-8:30 will be the aforementioned ‘60s Motown songs. These are such fun songs, and I’m sure this evening will be a hoot! Listen in if you can. 

My Sunday show 7-8:30 will be favorites and requests as always, and I look forward to what songs will be requested and how I’ll put together the show for this week. I never really know what I will do until I put it together on Saturday and Sunday. Come on out for that too. You’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and entertained with all I can give. 

Quick note - I’ve been using PayPal and Venmo for tips this past year, and a friend recently turned me on to Zelle as well. It’s a free service provided by most banks that lets people send money to each other with no fee. You just log into your bank account and do a search to find where to enable the Zelle service. Then you use the phone number or the email address of the person you want to send money to and enter the amount. It transfers directly from one bank to another with no middleman and much less risk of fraud. 


That’s it for this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit about my world, and I hope you are safe and healthy. 

Best always, 



Details this week: 

Who:  Tom Munch  
What:  playing and singing an online concert of ‘60s Motown songs 
Where: and   
When:  Thursday, March 25, 7-8:30 pm mountain time  

Who:  Tom Munch  
What:  playing and singing an online concert of favorites and requests  
Where: and   
When:  Sunday, March 28, 7-8:30 pm mountain time

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