“Tom, to me, your strength is the honesty and believability with which you sing. The way you make each song/story truthful in the way you perform it. When you sing ‘Night Riders Lament,’ or ‘Song of Wyoming,’ I feel the sorrow or the hope or the weariness of the person who is telling their story. You sing with an understanding beyond your years. What you have is a clear voice and a simple interpretation that takes us on the trail ride, and makes me feel as though I'm sitting beside you around the campfire at the end of a long work day, listening to you tell your life story. It's a beautiful thing. Not something you can be taught I think. You either have it or you don't... and you definitely have it. You can quote me on that!” 
-Steve Atkinson, noted Western artist 


 “You play a beautiful instrument beautifully. ‘One Late Winter Morning,’ ‘Moreno Valley,’ nice groove on the closer. Good spirit on the whole CD (‘Songwriter’). You are the real deal and itz gooder'nhell to know ya.” 
-Vince Bell, legendary Texas songwriter 


“Tom's voice is magnificent….(He has) the best amplified vocal and acoustic guitar tone I've ever heard.... Tom is one of the finest artists I've ever had the pleasure with whom to work.” 
– Ken Jacob, Director of Advanced Development, Bose Corp. 


 "I know you play these things as easily as falling off a log, but they are really very special, and I've never heard anyone do these tunes on acoustic and voice with the ease, grace, and authenticity that you bring to them. It's very cool." 
– Don Richmond, noted Colorado musician/songwriter 


“You’re the best baritone I’ve ever heard in my life.” 
– Randy Forrester, host, KSFR-National Public Radio 


“Like the most comfortable pair of well-worn blue jeans, Tom Munch's welcoming Christmas is a great folk fit. His easygoing acoustic presence combines warm and unpretentious vocals with minimal orchestration (supported by Don Richmond), and the result is almost a full hour (57 minutes!) of relaxed holiday fun.” 
– Carol Swanson, Christmasreviews.com 


 “Tom Munch possesses an able, adaptable singing voice, and his finger picking on acoustic guitar seems to find just the right interpretation on any song....He'll size up  a crowd and, without skipping a beat, take a request from a customer barely tall enough to place a dollar in his tip jar.  Soon after "Shortnin' Bread" is delivered with jazz chords and affection …. Munch's easygoing manner is reflected in the songs he performs, whether they're self-penned or covers from any decade of this century.”  
-- The Pueblo Chieftain 


 “Tom Munch, a star guitarist/songwriter from Pueblo, returned as a feature act....  True to his billing, he delivered a variety of musical styles and songs that riveted us.... He rewarded the audience with outstanding entertainment that included a spectrum of musical styles. His songs ranged from warm, folksy tunes to upbeat instrumentals. In addition to good music, Tom charmed everyone with casual, friendly patter that made his performance even more enjoyable.” 
-- Black Rose Acoustic Society 


La Veta Signature  

July 14, 2011 

Tom Munch music soothes diners at several local spots this summer 

by Richard Schlink  

Last Friday night La Veta Inn patrons got the opportunity to enjoy one of Southern Colorado's very talented performers. The entertainment on tap  for the evening was a gifted and versatile singer-guitarist named Tom Munch.  

By the end of the first song we knew we were in for a special night with an extraordinary performer. He delivered like only a truly educated and experienced musician can. His easy going styIe and love for the work he does set the tone for all his songs that really are performed from his heart.  

His folk-rock influences from James Taylor to John Denver to Lyle Lovett, with a jazz feel and a country rock delivery makes his style unique and exceptional coming from a solitary musician. His remarkable fingerpicking style of guitar playing sounds like there are multiple stringed instruments performing on the stage.  

But the real treat is when he turns on that fascinating voice of his. Tom's vocal delivery is so smooth and full that it then becomes the most impressive instrument of the performance. His singing is so captivating in how he tells the story of the song. He sings with such a heartfelt expression that the listener understands his genuineness. These are the hallmarks of a true musical artist and an authentic musical talent. When a singer/songwriter performs 40 minutes of Dan Fogelberg's best hit songs you know you're listening to a very gifted musician.  

Calling Pueblo West home now and having grown up in Nebraska, he was formally educated in music at the University of Nebraska. He has taken on influences from his time spent in New Mexico and Southern Colorado. His heart and love for what he does is reflected in the places that he entertains.  

Not only has he played all over Southern Colorado at numerous festivals, concerts and clubs for the past 20 years, but he contributes his talent to a variety of nursing homes throughout his busy schedule of entertaining in Southern Colorado. 

Tom has a series of CD's from the past decades featuring original songs, country music, folk, Christmas songs, cowboy efforts and forgotten civil war tunes. His exceptional guitar work and incredible voice are just the back drop for the authentic knowledge of the stories he tells in his songs.  

With a sincere respect for the variety of styles he plays, it makes for one outstanding live show.