Part of All - Single

Released February, 2020.  This is the first track from a new album to hopefully be released in 2020 or 2021. I’ve decided that it’s time in my life to contribute something spiritual and with a higher purpose that reflects my awakening understanding of the universe. I have been spending many years reading all kinds of texts on religion, spiritual awakening, and wisdom, and I’ve been writing songs for the last two years on different spiritual topics. Many of these I’ve performed at Cuchara Chapel to go along with the talks that Reverend Eileen Ramsey gives there. I have been told that this song is my signature song. I hope you find it uplifting and encouraging. It’s a simple recording with a simple message from the heart.

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Released March, 2016.  This solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar album (with one duet) is a thoughtful collection of songs about love, transition, reconciliation, sadness, and sheer joy.  It’s a good ride with many turns and a depth of emotion that shines through. 

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1. Drifting Away
2. 40 Acres
3. Wonder
4. The Water Is Wide
5. River Road
6. Ripples and Rings
7. The Great Mysterious
8. Foggy Dew
9. They Reconcile
10. 25 Years
11. Tumblestone
12. The Ride Home


Released December, 2011.  This is my first all-original album in over 20 years.  It is all about life, from love to fear, and peaks to valleys. It represents 20 years of living, with songs that rock and songs that whisper. There are memories from all over the country, and angst and peace at every corner.  

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Tooth of Time Traders at Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, NM
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1. The Road
2. Won't Grow Old Before My Time
3. Playing in the Land of Volcanoes
4. Wee Hours of Night
5. One Late Winter Morning
6. Love So Deep
7. We Build the Ships
8. The Sky Is Blue
9. Crowfoot
10. Wild Lands
11. Moreno Valley Sunset
12. Pincushion of Stars

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