Monday, June 14, 2021 - Summer

Well, it’s summer. I’m not sure how to feel about summer this year. It has meant so many things over the years to me. It was exciting as a kid to look forward to all the outdoor activities and fun places to go and see. We’d go fishing or boating or driving on a trip or just playing in the neighborhood. As a young adult it still had those kind of activities, but there was also the opportunity to work at an exciting place with other people my age who were full of life and enthusiasm for what lay ahead. As I got into my career the summer became my main time to work as a musician with lots of cool places to play for wonderful people. That has been the rule for me for more than 35 years, but when COVID hit that all stopped. And now this summer things are opening back up, but there is not the unabashed feeling of freedom and possibility I used to look forward to. Every situation holds some uncertainty and questions over whether to wear a mask and whether to give a hug or even attend or perform at a big gathering. And on top of that there is the fear that someone will cause trouble. It’s a crazy time that is so much different than even 10 years ago. I attended a memorial service over the weekend, and even that seemed awkward and somehow foreign to me. So life has changed somewhat, and it’s not all bad, but I do find myself again wondering what comes next. I’m just glad that my music gives me purpose, and I will continue to try to spread joy and meaning to those who will listen. 


What have I been up to? 

My senior facilities last week went very well. One of them was for folks I haven’t seen in over a year. It took me a minute to remember all their requests and get back in the flow with them, but once I did it was really cool. 

The studio work for hire I did last week went very well. It’s so gratifying to create something you know will bring joy to the listener. Unfortunately the amount I made was almost exactly the amount it took to get our car worked on. Oh, well. Easy come, easy go. It was a great experience. 

My Thursday online show was doing sailing, ocean, and beach music, and there were some sweet tunes played and even sweeter folks in the audience. It was so much fun. 

My Sunday online show of favorites turned into a bunch of old rock tunes - many of them requested that night. I forget how much I enjoy these tunes, and luckily I was able to rise to some rock energy for the most part. 


What am I up to this week? 

I have 7 senior facilities to play for this week, and 3 of them I haven’t played for since before COVID last year. It will be great to see them, and of course there is much caution still taken by all of the facilities in different measure.  

My online theme show moves to Tuesday 7-8:30 mountain time this week through the middle of August so I can play the Yellow Pine Barbecue on Thursdays, and this week the theme will be summer. There are some wonderful summer songs that express the free and easy feeling of the season, and I’m really looking forward to immersing myself and my audience in them. Please tune in if you can! 

Thursday 6:30-8 mountain time will be the first Yellow Pine Barbecue for the season and the past two years. The barbecue is such a fun time with good friends. If you’ve never been it’s held in a barn built in the 1890s at the Yellow Pine Guest Ranch just a half a mile or so north of the beautiful mountain village of Cuchara, Colorado. It’s a traditional Texas-style barbecue with all the fixings and my music as the entertainment. There is usually a campfire with marshmallow roasting and s’mores outside while I entertain for the diners and dancers inside. You need to make reservations by Tuesday morning so they can order enough food. The number to call is 719-742-3528. It’s a blast! 

My Sunday online show 7-8:30 mountain time will be the favorites that we play as always for the great group of folks who join in almost every week. This is the highlight of my week, and I look forward to hopefully seeing you there. 


That’s it for this time. I can’t believe it’s summer already. I’ve been working outside on the trees and weeds almost every day, and it’s great to be working outside although the heat and hard work does wear me out while it also makes me feel so alive. I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far. Be safe, and I hope to see you soon. 

Best always, 



Details this week: 

Who:  Tom Munch  
What:  playing and singing an online concert of summer songs 
Where: and   
When:  Tuesday, June 15, 7-8:30 pm mountain time  

Who:  Tom Munch 
What:  playing & singing at the barbeque 
Where:  Yellow Pine Guest Ranch, Cuchara.  719-742-3528 
When:  Thursday, June 17, 6:30-8:00 pm 

Who:  Tom Munch  
What:  playing and singing an online concert of favorites  
Where: and   
When:  Sunday, June 20, 7-8:30 pm mountain time

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