Monday, December 30, 2019 - Happy New Year!

This is the time of year when we reminisce about the year gone by and gather our thoughts to plan for the new year. I’m doing just that. I can say that it’s mostly been a good year gone by. I played what I think were some pretty good gigs that meant a lot to me. Bistoro in Pueblo on first Fridays has gone very well and continues to grow.  My First-Sunday Online Living Room Concerts have been a real highlight that I continue to enjoy. I played Walters Brewery a few times in the winter and spring for some fun crowds. I played and wrote songs for Cuchara Chapel each month except during the summer which I thoroughly enjoyed and may use the songs for an upcoming album. I played a bunch of private parties throughout the year which were very enjoyable. I collaborated and recorded a few songs with a friend in Monument. I played a concert at the Bell Tower Cultural Center in Florence in the Spring. In April I got to do another “Crunch and Munch” concert with my friend Ken Saydak in La Veta at the Mercantile. I got to play a children’s dance recital in May. Weekly during the summer I played with bassist and singer Dennis Mills at the Royal Gorge Bridge and also at many private parties. In June I got to open for country star Anita Cochran. In the summer I was also back at the Yellow Pine for the weekly barbecue which was just plain wonderful. Summer also brought concerts at Lucy’s in La Veta, Cuchara Mountain Park, Red River Ski Area, Philmont Scout Ranch, Art in the Park in La Veta, Castle Rock First United Methodist Church, the La Veta Mercantile with singer-songwriter Daniel Market, and a couple house concerts. Fall brought more private appearances for folks like the Good Sam's and the Arts Center in Pueblo. I got to play in October in Denver at Swallow Hill for the final Chuck Pyle Tribute which was a great pleasure, and then I also got to play in Denver at the Littleton Museum in both October and December for different events. October also saw me back in the studio recording songs for an original album and also an old country album. I did a joint concert with the duo Close N Counter at the La Veta Mercantile. I also played in Del Norte at both the Windsor Hotel and Wildwood Sounds concert venue. December brought concerts at the  Bell Tower in Florence, a holiday concert with my friend Don Richmond at Society Hall in Alamosa, and a Christmas concert at the La Veta Mercantile. In addition to all these gigs I did my usual 50 senior facilities every month that I am so devoted to. I love these folks. So what will next year bring? To tell the truth I haven’t made a lot of plans. I like having some flexibility. I do know I’ll be back in the studio to finish up at least one album fairly quickly.  I also am booked again at Bistoro, at Cuchara Chapel, at the Bell Tower, at Francisco Fort in La Veta, at the Yellow Pine, hopefully at the Royal Gorge Bridge, at a few private parties - one that will take me to Nebraska, a few cool house concerts including a house concert tour in Texas in October and one in Colorado Springs in September, and of course I’ll continue my First-Sunday Online Living Room Concerts. I’ll book the La Veta Mercantile at least a couple times including another Christmas concert. It’s weird to look so far into the future when I like to live day by day, and there’s no way to know what each year will really bring. I continue to be positive and loving in everything I do. To me that’s the only way to live. It can be tough when fear is so prevalent in our culture and there are so many threats to happiness and peace. But in the words of the explorers  Lewis and Clark, “We proceeded on.” Life is good! 


What have I been up to? 

I didn’t have any public gigs last week with the Christmas holiday. I got to see family and play a few Christmas shows for my senior facilities. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrated it.  


What am I up to this week? 

Friday 6-9 I’m back at Bistoro for our first Friday dinner and music. I always say how much I enjoy these folks at this venue, and it is so true. I’ve met some wonderful new faces there, and I continue to look forward to it every time. Please come out if you can. It’s best to call ahead for a reservation - 719-696-9672.  

Sunday 7-8:15 I have my First-Sunday Online Living Room Concert, and I’m thinking of doing winter songs and standards this month. We’ve had a bit of cold and snow that is putting me in the mood for this. Of course I may change my mind if we have a warm week. Either way it’ll be fun, and I hope you’ll tune in -  


That’s it for this week. I hope you start the new year out well and have a safe celebration if you go out on New Year’s Eve.  

Best always, 



Details this week: 

Who:  Tom Munch  
What:  playing and singing 
Where:  Bistoro, 109 Central Plaza, Pueblo. 719-696-9672 
When:  Friday, January 3, 6-9 pm 

Who:  Tom Munch 
What:  playing and singing a concert from my living room 
Where:  online at 
When:  Sunday, January 5, 7-8:15 pm MST