Monday, December 11, 2017 - Pacing Ourselves

One of the more interesting things about the holiday season is how we wax and wane with our enthusiasm. I often tell my audiences at this time of the year to pace themselves with the Christmas spirit. I’m surprised that some of them really don’t want to hear Christmas music by the second week of December because they’re already burnt out on it, having heard it non-stop for weeks. That’s unfortunate, and I think we often attribute that to the over-saturation of Christmas ads and syrupy happiness we see. I see that too, but the warmth and joy of the Season is too big to just brush aside. I don’t know where the magic of the season comes from for me. Maybe it’s the memories of Christmases when I was a child or the traditions I know have been handed down for generations. Maybe it’s the giving and forgetting of our differences to try to attain peace for just a brief time. Whatever it is (and it’s all of these things) it fills me with spirit that I can’t resist. But I don’t start too early, and I don’t let myself be bombarded by ever-present advertising and pressure. I pace myself with little meaningful bits and ground myself with real stories and genuine connections. That way it stands as strong as ever, and I peak my spirit on Christmas Day.  

What have I been up to? 

Friday at Neon Alley Bistro was so much fun, and the food was so tasty. It’s always an experience and a delight to be there and drink in the atmosphere that the folks exude. If you haven’t been you’re missing out on some of the best food in Pueblo and nicest folks around. My music seems to fit right in.  

Sunday night at the Littleton Museum for their Holidays Evening was really cool (atmosphere and temperature!) they really know how to put on a Christmas party, and I was thrilled to see family and friends from the Denver area out to celebrate the season. They had bonfires and cider and great cookies as well as fun stuff like Gus, the Yule Goat! I loved it! 

What’s up this week? 

Friday night I’m back at PDub Brewing 6-9 in Pueblo West. I’m enjoying my visits there and their seasonal beers like their pumpkin beer that I wasn’t sure I’d like but really enjoyed! Come on out for a beer and a sandwich with some cool holiday music.  

What’s on the horizon? 

I set up a really neat gig with the Pueblo Zoo on Wednesday, December 20th 5:20-8 to help them celebrate their nightly 15-23 and 26-30 ElectriCritters light display. I’ll be playing outdoors and indoors as well as broadcasting live online at to ring in the Christmas season starting with a live walk-around of the light display at 5:20, then after the gates open at 5:30 I’ll do a sing-along of Christmas tunes on their outdoor stage (if the weather is nice enough) from 5:45-6:45, and finally I’ll go inside to close out the evening with a fun and sweet Christmas concert from 7-8. I’m really looking forward to this and hope it’s something everyone will want to join in on. Dress warmly and bring your Christmas spirit. Prices are:  

Advance (bought before event hours):  
Non-member adult: $6 
Non-member child: $4 
Member adult: $4 
Member child: $3 

Regular (Bought during event hours):  
Non-member adult: $7 
Non-member child: $5 

Member adult: $5 
Member child: $4 

You can find more details on the Zoo's Facebook page, and they’ll also broadcast the walk-around on Facebook live at 5:20 that day.  

That’s it for this week. I’m really enjoying the season, and I hope you are too. Pace yourself and it can be a season to remember.  

Best always, 


Details this week: 

Who: Tom Munch 
What: singing and playing 
Where: PDub Brewing Company Taproom, 181 S Purcell Blvd, Pueblo West, 719-647-8864 
When: Friday, December 15, 6-9 pm