Monday, August 14, 2023 - Angst and Joy

There’s no doubt about it. This life is filled conversely with bouts of angst and bouts of joy. It’s kind of the continuous reality. I think that’s our purpose here - to feel all those things that life has to offer both hard and wonderful. But knowing that doesn’t always make it any easier when you’re deep into hard times. So what do I do when I’m feeling angst? I have two things I go to - 1) Seek out beauty, and 2) Give to others. I’ve written about both of these before. First, there is so much beauty and fascination in so many little and big things in every day of our lives even in the toughest of times, from the way light reflects off of and absorbs into any object in your field of vision to the delicacy of sound if you listen to all the sounds around you that make their own music and rhythms. Beauty is there if you just look for it and allow yourself to see it. Second, when you are in the act of giving to and helping someone else the engagement is its own reward as well as the priming of your own pump of goodwill and love for others. It really does work if you try it. I have tried to make this what my music and my life is mostly about. It’s not totally selfless although I’d like it to be, but it really helps to take yourself out of your own head and into empathy and caring for others in your sphere. These two things are not the only things I like to do, but they are somewhere to get me started. Yes, I sometimes just like to wallow for a while in the feeling of angst and woe, but I let it flow through me and then come out on the other side with renewed vigor for this life. I hope you can too.


What have I been up to?

I had 8 senior facilities last week, and believe it or not, one of them even required masks because of a small COVID outbreak. It was good to bring some relief to those who were well and able to come out for some music and encouragement.

The party I played on Tuesday was really nice. I got to play a lot of sweet songs that I haven’t played in a while to create an atmosphere for friendship and thought.

My Wednesday online show was playing songs I haven’t done for my online shows before, and it was so good to be able to share favorites that folks hadn’t heard me do before. It was so good that I’m going to do more songs this week that I’ve never done on my shows.

The final barbecue of the season at Yellow Pine was packed and was so much fun. Now we just have to figure out what we did to get so many people out for next year.

The dance I played with Dennis Mills on bass on Saturday night was a hoot again. It was packed too, and everyone danced and had a good time. Cuchara folks are so sweet. It was Carolyn’s birthday and we made sure she had a great one. Happy Birthday, Carolyn!

My Sunday show doing favorites and requests was really nice too. We get such a stellar group of folks who come out for the music and friendship!


What am I up to this week?

My Wednesday online show 7-8:45 mountain time will be songs I’ve never done for my online shows again because I had such a swell time last week, and I want to do it again! Come on out for some surprises.

Saturday I have a private retirement party for some old friends who we met at a summer festival I played 20 or more years ago. It should be a night to remember.

My Sunday online show 7-8:45 mountain time will broadcast from Matt and Deann’s house, and we’ll be doing the music of Chuck Pyle for this special night. I’m really looking forward to featuring Chuck’s music again and having an evening doing a show with a live in-person audience.


That’s it for this week. If you’re making plans for Labor Day weekend I’ll be playing in Westcliffe, Colorado, for the KLZR Radio Block Party in front of their studio from 11-1:30 on Saturday the 2nd. If you’re out and about it would make a fun day in the mountains. There are other cool gigs coming up too, so stay tuned. Lastly, my heart goes out to all the people suffering loss and angst in Hawaii.




Details this week:

Who:  Tom Munch 
What:  playing and singing an online concert of never done songs
Where: and  
When:  Wednesday, August 16, 7-8:45 pm mountain time

Who:  Tom Munch 
What:  playing and singing an online concert of Chuck Pyle tunes 
Where: and  
When:  Sunday, August 20, 7-8:45 pm mountain time

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