Monday, March 8, 2021 - Growing Up

I was interviewed for a podcast for Philmont Scout Ranch alumni called “Silver on the Sage” that aired today, and listening to it and reflecting on it made me think of how we grow up and change over our lives. Since Philmont was a place I worked at in high school and college I was relatively youthful and naive to the ways of the world. I said as much in the podcast, but I was struck by how much of that youthful outlook I still have today. Many of our experiences in our lives shape how we see the world, and some tarnish us and some polish us. In many ways I’m still that wide-eyed kid who saw everything with wonder and magic. One of the things Jen and I didn’t do in our lives was have children. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious choice, and I know that we missed the wisdom and shaping that having children brings. We have had grief and suffering so that we haven’t missed out on that tempering and forging of our souls. So in listening to myself on the podcast I can see how in many ways I never will grow up, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bless the interviewer, Caitlin Lowe, the daughter of my college friend John Ficke who I made a lot of music with, for hanging in there with me and following me on a wild ride of stories and reminiscences. I really get wound up tight when I’m on a roll. You can listen to it on Apple podcasts or Spotify or on the podcast website - Hear for yourself if I’m still that goofy kid who saw the world as so grand. 

What have I been up to? 

I had a couple of online senior facilities last week. I really enjoy these as I have said before, but it’s hard when I don’t see faces and get to interact as much. 

My Thursday show was doing only my own favorites this week for the theme. I did this partially so I could do some old favorites I haven’t sung in a long time, and partially because I didn’t have time to work on requests due to needing the time to finish taxes. It was a fun show of a lot of mostly western folk songs that I have sung and recorded over the years that folks really seemed to enjoy. 

My Sunday show was a lot of new music by younger writers mixed in with some old favorites. I think it may have been my favorite show yet on Facebook since so many great folks joined in and the music was so rich. 


What am I up to this week? 

I will be doing just one senior facility this week, and it will be in-person and outside if the weather holds - which it looks like it will! I haven’t seen these folks since October or November, and a couple folks have passed since then so there will be a little sadness. It’s also the first time I’ve performed outside the house since the end of November, so it’ll be a little like a first time in some ways. Wish me luck! 

Thursday 7-8:30 mountain time my online show will feature Irish songs. I would wait until next week, but my Thursday show is a day after St. Patrick’s Day, and a lot folks may not still be in the mood for Irish music the day after. I have said before how much I feel my little bit of Irish blood, and I really get enthused about Irish music. I hope you’ll tune in to be part of it or else at least to see me go a little crazy over a couple jigs and pub songs. It’s good stuff! 

Saturday 7-9 mountain time I’m doing an online show for my Philmont Songs Concert Group on facebook, so if you’re part of that group I’d love to have you come out and join in. I’ll be doing a lot of Philmont favorites for mostly alumni staff. This will be partially sponsored by my Philmont friend Jason Mascitti and Thrivent. 

Sunday 7-8:30 mountain time my show will be our usual favorites and requests. I don’t know how we’ll top last week’s songs, but we’ll sure try. I’m sure there will be some more Irish music too since we’ll still be looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day.  


What coming in the future? 

There hasn’t been much future to talk about in so long that it’s hard to think about it, but I do have a few things I’m scheduling this summer in hopes that the virus has been reduced enough to have concerts. I’ll most likely be doing the Westcliffe Feedstore concert on Labor Day, the Yellow Pine Barbecue on Thursdays, and hopefully the Royal Gorge Bridge on some weekdays. I’m also talking about maybe doing a little touring doing museum and community center theme shows of different types looking after the summer into next year. This is all as tentative as it can be, but if we continue to get vaccinations and keeping up precautions then this summer could be a cautious but good time. 


That’s it for this week. I love you all and miss seeing you in person. Here’s to the Irish, and here’s to growing up in whatever way we can. 

Best always, 



Details this week: 

Who:  Tom Munch  
What:  playing and singing an online concert of Irish songs 
Where: and   
When:  Thursday, March 11, 7-8:30 pm mountain time  

Who:  Tom Munch  
What:  playing and singing an online concert of favorites and requests  
Where: and   
When:  Sunday, March 14, 7-8:30 pm mountain time

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