Monday, January 1, 2024 - Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, and I always start the new year with hope and beauty in my mind and heart. I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, but I like to have a bright outlook and start with good thoughts and goodwill towards all. It’s easy to look at the bad things in the world and to fret about where we’re headed and what it all means, but I choose to believe in goodness and in the amazing intricacies of the world and the universe as it all works together as one to our benefit. It’s a beautiful thing to be alive and to be able to live and love in our lives. Happy New Year to you - wherever you may be!


What have I been up to?

Last week was a recovery week from Covid for me, and I was able to play 6 senior facilities as I improved with two cancellations for two more facilities. I put out all the energy I could muster for them with fun shows celebrating the new year.

My Wednesday online show was a good one centering around the 12 Days of Christmas with a song or two representing what each day was about - birds or rings or whatever. It was a lot of fun, and I had plenty of energy to rise to the occasion with the wonderful group who came out.

My Sunday online show was a party for the new year with all kinds of fun requests from lots of folks from all over the world tuning in and enjoying the moment. It was such a good time!


What am I up to this week?

I have 7 senior facilities this week, and I plan to start out the year for each one with gusto and lots of good spirit. I even have one today - New Year’s Day. I love these folks.

My Wednesday online show 7-8:45 mountain time will be hopeful songs. I always like to have the first theme show of the new year be songs about hope and love, and it’s always a celebration with our great group. Come on out if you can!

My Sunday online show 7-8:45 mountain time will be favorites and requests as always, and I have a few new songs to work on and play for this week. It’s a worthwhile evening of friends and music. You’re always welcome!


That’s it for this first week of the new year. I hope you are starting out with hope and goodwill in your mind and heart. Happy New Year!

Best always,



Details this week:

Who:  Tom Munch 
What:  playing and singing an online concert of hopeful songs
Where: and  
When:  Wednesday, January 3, 7-8:45 pm mountain time

Who:  Tom Munch 
What:  playing and singing an online concert of favorites and requests 
Where: and  
When:  Sunday, January 7, 7-8:45 pm mountain time 

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