One of the ways I like to share my music is through house concerts.  A house concert is about the best of all worlds for experiencing music.   

For the audience it is a comfortable environment in a home setting where friends and family regularly gather.  You don’t have to go out and deal with traffic, parking, and uncomfortable venues.  The price is typically less expensive than the combined cost of travel, tickets, and food.  The volume is usually less by a long ways, and the intimacy with the performer and the music just can’t be beat. 

For the performer it is also a comfortable setting where the barriers are already down, and the audience is ready for something more warm and genuine.  They don’t have to lug in sound equipment to play to a large audience or to beat a noisy bar crowd.  The performer also doesn’t have to deal with a jaundiced club or venue manager who may or may not pay them at the end of the night. 

So what is involved in a house concert?  Typically the person putting on the house concert invites 20-30 friends for the evening.  The event can be held in a living room or back yard, or I’ve even played them in the driveway with folks on lawn chairs next to a portable fireplace.  Whatever’s comfortable will work.  Up front you tell the guests that it’s a concert and not a house party so that they expect a show and a listening environment.  A modest donation of $15- $20 is suggested and a donation box is placed at the entrance to the concert spot.  You can do it as a BYOB, a barbeque, or a pot luck - your choice.  The performer will typically have a small sound system for low-volume amplification and will arrive in the afternoon before the concert.  It’s customary to offer a guest room for the performer if they are touring, although some performers will make other arrangements.  Guests arrive in time before the concert to meet the performer and socialize (and eat if it’s a pot luck or barbeque.)  When the pre-arranged time comes, the concert is announced and the guests take their seats.  The performer will usually put on two 45-minute sets of music with a short intermission.  After the show guests can talk to each other and the performer again.  The performer will have CD’s and sometimes T-shirts and stickers and other merchandise to sell after the show.  It’s usually a really fun time, and many say it’s the most meaningful and memorable party they’ve ever thrown. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to have in your home or a friend’s home, then contact me and we’ll see what we can arrange.  I like to set up tours around a region, so if we can work out the timing with a few other shows it will be ideal for me and you.

Here is a video from a house concert in 2013