Monday, September 16, 2019 - Country Music

I watched Part 1 of the Ken Burns documentary on country music Sunday night, and I was surprised at my reaction. The premise of the first episode was this - that country music came out of the confluence of black and white music and culture as well as the mixing of three instruments from Europe and Africa: violin (fiddle), banjo, and guitar. It was very interesting and well done. There was a lot of fine detail, and there were stories about many musicians that were fascinating. But many of the early country musicians defied classification, and that’s what I really took from the show. They may have been the musicians that modern country musicians deem as the founders of the genre, but they were playing what I would call folk, cowboy, blues, and jazz music. That made me think of the music I play. I have always called my music “southwest folk jazz,” but it’s really a combination of all of the music that has influenced me. I play all of those styles and more. It’s what speaks to me and lets me express what I hold inside. Of course, my music is heavily influenced by the capabilities and voice of the guitar, but the guitar is so full-voiced and versatile that the sky really is the limit. I’m a product of this rich heritage just like country music. I highly recommend the documentary so far. It’s airing on PBS for the next two weeks.  


What have I been up to? 

Last Thursday was a fun party for a chili cook-off with old friends that was great fun.  

Friday was a private party for friends in La Veta that went by way too fast. Part of the audience was even a couple does and their fawns! 

The weekend was a couple beautiful days in the mountains where I got some unbelievable sunrise pictures that I posted on Facebook.  


What’s up this week! 

This week I have more private events.  

Friday is a concert for the Good Sams group. I’ve played for these folks all over Colorado, and I always love their warmth and enthusiasm.  

Saturday is a Philmont reunion in Colorado Springs that is always a good time.  


That’s it for this week. Again I have a lot of public gigs coming up if you’re out and about. October 4th is Bistoro in Pueblo. October 5th is the Chuck Pyle tribute concert in Denver. October 6th is the concert at the Merc with Close N Counter in La Veta. October 12th is the Harvest Festival at Littleton Museum in Denver. October 13th is Cuchara Chapel and my online concert on Facebook. October 19th is the Windsor Hotel in Del Norte. October 26th is the concert at Wildwood Sounds in Del Norte. Whew! Very full schedule coming up, but I’m sure there’s always room for more.  




No details this week. My gigs are both private.