Monday, March 9, 2020 - Panicking

I’m writing this week for myself as much as for anyone else. With all the confusion and angst around the virus outbreak it’s easy to not know how to feel and not know how to deal with it personally. If you have read my blog you know how I always feel that everything will be okay. Well, this time it has me shaken up a bit beyond my usual calm. I’m not sure whether it’s because I know it will affect those I care about and who are not as calm, or whether it is because it has me scrambling a bit to know how to best use my music during this time. First, I do not fear for my own outcome. Yes, if I disappeared from human form I would leave some unfinished things that I’d like to finish and some holes I’d like to have filled, but I think I know my purpose so far and my place in the universe. So back to those two points I mentioned. I know that some folks I love are fearful for the next few months. I won’t say that the biggest thing we have to fear is fear itself because it’s possible that some folks could really suffer some loss and could have some heartache. It’s not a light thing. It takes deep thought and real soul-searching to deal with existential realities. That’s part of what we’re here for - it’s not supposed to just be easy. But realizations about our place in the universe and our relationship to life, death, eternity, and each other are priceless lessons. It’s okay to go through them and to come out the other side with real change and growth. Remember that love is the most important thing. Back to the second thing above, I may not be out and playing for folks as much over the next few months - especially my senior facilities where they are more vulnerable and don’t need to have a lot of folks coming and going and exposing them to all kinds of new germs. But even the nicest place can feel like a prison if we don’t have freedom and beautiful experiences to enrich and encourage us. Music does that in very meaningful ways, so I’m trying to figure out different ways I can provide music remotely through online broadcasts or pre-recorded concerts. It’s a fun challenge that I’ve already tried and enjoyed through my online concerts over the past few years. I’ll let you know how this progresses. And how about you? Are you finding that you are not quite sure how to deal with the angst over this moment in our world? Everything is an opportunity for growth if we keep love at the forefront and temper our fears.  


What have I been up to? 

Last Friday I had a beautiful night at Bistoro. Between old friends and new faces it was just very special. I did a bunch of Irish tunes as well as a variety of other songs, and people were even clapping and singing along. I can’t wait ‘til the next time! 

Sunday morning I was at Cuchara Chapel, and the song leading, instrumental noodling, and special-song singing went swimmingly. I sang a new song I wrote about giving and the flow of love that springs forth from us when we give.  

Sunday afternoon was playing and singing with my friend Don Richmond at a benefit for our good friend Johnny Watson who suffered a stroke in January. Johnny was there and looked and sounded very good considering what he’s been through. Don and I sang some songs we’ve written including the new one I released “Part of All” and some old favorites that we’ve sung with Johnny in the past.  


What’s up this week? 

Saturday 7-9 I’m playing the second half of the Celtic concert at the Bell Tower Cultural Center in Florence after the step dancers impress us with their brilliant traditional dances. I’ve really enjoyed playing for this annual concert for several years now, and it lets me celebrate the Irish spirit with some touching and rambunctious tunes. It’s always a blast! Come on out if you can.  


That’s it for this week. I hope you’re dealing with the concerns over this virus in your own meaningful way. Angst can be a great teacher if we understand it with love.  




Details this week: 

Who: Tom Munch 
What: playing for a Celtic Concert in Florence, CO 
Where: Bell Tower Cultural Center, 201 East Second Street, 719-784-2038 
When: Saturday, March 14, 7-9 pm