Monday, June 8, 2020 - Anguish and Uncertainty

On Saturday Jen and I spent the majority of the day working on the yard, the weeds, and the trees on our property. We were driven inside a couple times by storms and high wind. After the first storm we noticed that there were broken eggs beneath the big cottonwood tree behind our house where the two red-tailed hawks have nested since February. We had some really strong gusts, and evidently one of these had actually scooped eggs out of their nest and dashed them to the ground. We soon noticed one of the hawks frantically flying back and forth from tree to tree and letting out a panicky repeated cry of anguish. She kept this up for most of the afternoon even through another storm. Sunday we heard her again, and even this morning I took a video of her as we left for our sunrise walk at 5:00 still telling the world of her pain. I can only imagine what she is going through. In a way we are all going through loss and uncertainty with the virus and the anguish over the mistreatment of our fellow humans that has resulted in protest and unrest. It’s comforting to share pain with another creature on our earth and the knowing that life is worth it even when everything suddenly crashes around us. We have it in us to be better, and with love comes wisdom and understanding that gives us perspective to deal with the angst and questions. Keep love in your heart always as we live through these uncertain times.  


What have I been up to? 

My senior facilities last week were interesting. I hope that I am being safe and smart playing for them. I would never want to cause any sickness by something I might bring into a facility. Most of these are set up so I don’t need to get anywhere near any of the folks or do more than set up outside at a distance from them. The joyless gazes I see are very disheartening. These folks are so dejected by the isolation and solitude that has been necessary to protect them over the last three months. There is no easy answer, and even with all the joy and good spirit I could share through my music I felt like I barely made a dent. One of my facilities even had to cancel a remote show because they’ve had an outbreak and have to do regular deep cleaning and isolation. This virus is just so dangerous. Please keep them in your thoughts.  

Sunday was my album release party on Facebook Live for my new “Back to the Old Country” album. I had a wonderful group of folks, and I think the songs from the album were comforting in their familiarity. Hopefully a lot of folks will find continuing joy in the recordings. You can hear the album on all the download and streaming services, and you can purchase one on my website for $15 plus $3 shipping at  


What am I up to this week? 

I have a couple senior facilities this week - one in person with social distancing and one online. I’m hoping they’ll be a help to those who are there.  

Sunday at 7:00 mountain time is my Facebook Live concert again. I’ll be back to doing requests although I may do a little bit of a theme for part of it. Sometimes these Sunday nights are my saving grace after some dimmer days. I live for spreading joy through music.  


That’s it for this week. I’ve been spending some days in a daze and trying to write through the worries all around. You know that I’m always grounded, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some ponderings now and then.  

Best always, 



Details this week: 

Who:  Tom Munch 
What:  playing and singing a Facebook Live Concert from my home 
Where: and 
When:  Sunday, June 14, 7-8:15 pm mountain time