Monday, April 13, 2020 - Weary with a Long Way to Go

I’m feeling a weariness drifting over me with the virus worries now. I could really feel it with my online Facebook concert last night. I think our society has changed so much that we no longer have the attention span for things that take a long time to play out. I sure feel that way. We just haven’t had to go through a long process like this in a while - especially one with an unknown timetable. But we know this thing is serious, and we know we have the tools to maintain the love and vigilance we need to get through it. Just take every day as it comes. Think of the things that matter, and always remember that love really is the most important thing in all the universe - even when things are going badly, and we don’t see a way out.  

By the way, I figured out how to post my Facebook concerts on my website on my Photos and Videos page ( including the live video during the concert so you don’t have to be a part of Facebook to watch it. That’s really cool! Of course, you can’t make comments, but you can always send me a text or email that I’ll check during the show. I’ll post those with the video. 


What have I been up to? 

Last week was interesting. I seem to be busy even when I’m not busy.  

I corresponded a lot with the volunteer coordinator folks at the company Generus of Cambridge, Mass., who are putting together free online videos for shut-in seniors with all kinds of entertainment. Expect to see an article about that shortly. I have several public-domain videos they are using.  

Doing videos for Generus has inspired me to record a bunch of public-domain videos to post on YouTube so I can offer entertainment for seniors and everyone on my own. I will probably put them on my senior channel which I will probably change the name of.  Stay tuned for that. I’m doing public domain songs because YouTube flags and takes down anything that’s copyrighted. 

I wrote a song and made several videos for Cuchara Chapel to use for their virtual Easter service. The song may sound too Christian for some. I worked really hard to write a song about Jesus’ teachings of love without being controversial, but it’s a touchy topic for many on every side. I mean, it’s not “Jesus is Just Alright with Me” by the Doobies or “Put Your Hand in the Hand” by Ocean. 😃 

Sunday I did my Facebook Live “Comfort” Concert to a smaller and appreciative group of friends. That’s where I started feeling the effect of the weariness setting in.  I played more mellow and thoughtful songs that seemed to reflect the shared feelings. It was just what I and a lot of folks needed, and it was a good escape from our troubles for a while. You can watch the replay on my Facebook profile and fan page or on my website  I’m finding these evenings a great gift to me and, I hope, others.  


What am I up to this week? 

I’ll be working on more public domain songs to post on YouTube and doing more meditation music for my friend Eileen’s project. I may do some free-form improvisational guitar music live on YouTube or Facebook as well. It’s good practice and therapy even though the noodling will probably have a few botched notes and missteps. It’s a fun way to explore and experience music. I’ll post links if I do this. A good friend suggested this, and I like it! 

Sunday night I’ll be doing another Facebook Live “Comfort” Concert at 7:00 mountain time - I may start doing themes with these although I’m loving doing requests too. It’s just nice way to end or start the week with friends, and it gives me new songs to learn and keep my chops up. Please join me if you can. Remember that is also on my website too if you don’t want to join or sign in to Facebook - 


I guess that’s it for this week. There’s much more to say and share with everything that’s going on, and it’s good to communicate and remember that we’re going through this together even though we’re apart. Take care and do all the things we’re supposed to do to limit the spread of the virus, and know that you are loved. 

Best always, 



Details this week: 

Who:  Tom Munch 
What:  playing and singing a Facebook Live Comfort Concert from my home 
When:  Sunday, April 19, 7-8:15 pm mountain time