Welcome to my website.  Thanks for visiting!  Here you’ll find what I’m up to, what I’m thinking, what I’ve recorded, and all kinds of photos and promotional tools.


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I’m a singer/songwriter and interpreter.  I write songs about all the things that come into my life - love, loss, mountains, and the changes we all face in this big old world, and I play (interpret) all kinds of songs - historical, standards, folk, rock ‘n’ roll, country AND western, and everything in between. 

I play at a lot of different places - from festivals to clubs, and Alzheimer's facilities to online concerts.  I’ve also been involved in a lot of history projects like the Song of Pueblo oratorio.

My latest recording is an instrumental acoustic guitar album simply called “Guitar”

If you’d like to order from me directly, use the “Buy Now” PayPal button on my Albums page!